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This article will help you produce a T-shirt or sweatshirt exactly the way you imagined them.

1. High quality is not worse than store.

At the beginning of the request, write down what level of quality you are counting on, since the prevailing number of requests is “cheaper and faster”. Start your dialogue with the words that you will sell it, and you want high quality no worse than the store.

2. T-shirt T-shirt – discord.

Decide on the final type of product you need in advance. For example, you want to make a t-shirt. It would seem that it’s difficult, but if you go to several clothing stores and try on different options, you can understand how they all sit differently. So do not be too lazy to at least sort out your wardrobe to begin with in search of your favorite T-shirt, then get the same opinion from your friends or representatives of the audience to whom you will sell the final product, and go. When sending a request to any sewing machines, the person on the other side of sewing will immediately understand you.

So do not be too lazy to at least sort out your wardrobe to begin with in search of your favorite T-shirt.

I want to convey one simple fact that 99% of the sewing workshops are designed for the production of promotional knitwear for events and, preferably, with maximum savings for the manufacturer. To expect from the factories that now they will create the very same T-shirt without words for you – it makes no sense, they will not create it.

3. Methods of processing seams, parts.

So, the goal is chosen. Now pay attention to the seam processing. How are they done, is there a reinforcement on the neck, length, width, do the threads stick out … This should also be part of your task. It’s better if you back up your assignment with photographs. Methods of processing seams directly affect the final price of the product.

4. Circulation and printing method.

If you are just starting out and selling online, you don’t need to pre-produce batches of goods and “trick” a ton of money into only 1-2 prints. You can present for sale several products with your designs at once and be printed on request by digital printing. Sew the minimum batch of knitwear (T-shirts 50-100pcs / color, for hoodies 50 pcs / color) and do not worry.

Sew a minimum batch of knit t-shirts 50-100pcs. per color, hoodies 50 pcs. on color and do not worry.

Of course, there is a minus in terms of the final price for 1 product (it will be much more expensive), but you only think about how much you will lose if you make 50 t-shirts with one (!) Print, which suddenly turns out to be not very popular or you will immediately sell main dimensions. More choices for your customers – more profit for your brand. In most cases, this is the best way to get started. There are, of course, other cases when the author’s idea can be realized only by the circulation method of production, for example, silkscreen printing, but most importantly know that you have a choice.

5. Budget, timing and quality.

The principle is simple – the smaller the circulation and the higher the speed, the more expensive. Do not compare the prices of finished promotional products and tailoring parties – this is wrong. And also beware of the prejudices that Slava Zaitsev works in every sewing workshop and waits for you to come to create a unique collection for you, and then sew 20 free samples for you before the party. Put at least a week to agree on the details of the order, another week to sew a sample and at least 10 working days to sew a batch.

Of course, if you need faster, they will meet you, but you must be prepared in advance for all the issues that will appear during the production process. And even more prepare for the fact that if you rush, they will not ask you at all, but they will sew it somehow in order to hand it over quickly.