T-shirts like a halloween costume

Where did the tradition to celebrate Halloween come from, and why is the night of November 1 considered the worst in the year? Have you ever wondered what kind of holiday is Halloween? What is celebrated on this day and where did these rituals and traditions come from?

Halloween is not such a popular holiday as in the world, but more and more arouses interest.

A bit of history

On the evening of October 31, a mysterious and mystical Halloween or All Saints Day is celebrated around the world. The history of the holiday dates back to pre-Christian times. On the last night of October, the ancient Celts celebrated Samayn, whose traditions are similar to the modern holiday. According to legend, on the night of the holiday the border between the worlds of the dead and the living was blurred. Souls roamed the earth and took with them people who violated the laws of a righteous life (gays). To deceive the evil spirits, Samhain dressed in animal skins. The entrance to the house was protected by special amulets. According to legend, these were lanterns carved from vegetables, like now a pumpkin for Halloween.

Halloween celebration in Europe

Nowadays, a holiday in many countries has more commercial significance than religious. Almost all over the world, they play with him jokingly and consider Halloween a great opportunity to have fun and have fun at a masquerade party. Prepare for the holiday, starting in October. Porches of houses are decorated with pumpkins, and festive decorations and dresses are prepared. By the way, the tradition of carving a pumpkin for Halloween began in America. Glowing holiday vegetable has its own legend. The pumpkin was nicknamed the “Jack Lantern” in honor of the drunkard, who was not allowed into either Hell or Paradise for tricks and deception of the Devil himself, and he was forced to wander in the dark with a tribe’s horn in anticipation of the Day of Judgment.

Modern Halloween celebrations take place on a massive scale in America, Europe, Japan and other countries. Grandiose evil spirits are arranged with contests for the best costume, girls compete for the most terrible makeup, prepare unusual dishes and “bloody cocktails” for the holiday. The holiday is gaining popularity every year.

T-shirts with evil spirits

Of course, a Halloween costume is the main tradition of this holiday. Mostly for the holiday people put on costumes of various evil spirits, supernatural characters, gnomes, trolls, vampires and other horror.

Are you also preparing for Halloween and want to be original? For this reason, we specially prepared T-shirts with the symbols of the holiday. If you want to maintain the tradition of celebration and be the scariest at the party, then you have come to the address.