Today, printing on T-shirts is popular among people who want to stand out from the crowd, and among business owners who want to draw attention to their brand. How and when the idea came up to use prints on T-shirts and using what methods it was implemented, we will tell in this article.

How did the print on clothes

The first print on fabric appeared in the 50s of the XX century in Florida, thanks to the company Tropix Togs. The method was used to inscribe on T-shirts: mostly the names of popular resorts were printed. A little later, the organization received the right to put on the image of Disney characters on clothes. After that, the method quickly began to gain popularity among other companies, factories for printing on fabrics appeared, the largest of which was Sherry Manufacturing Company.

In 1959, a new stage in the history of printing on clothes began – they invented resistant inks for printing on sweatshirts, T-shirts and other textiles, which made it possible to significantly diversify the possibilities of the method and achieve amazing results.

Rapid rise in popularity of printing on fabric

In the 60s, it became fashionable to decorate clothes using silk-screen printing. Monster Company has become one of the leaders in this direction. The main “chip” of the organization was the release of clothing with emblems and elements of the Grateful Dead group. Then came another fashion, political, and T-shirt prints with Che Guevara became popular.

In the 80s, companies began using thermochromatic paints that change color when heated. However, the fashion for such products quickly passed due to their impracticality: things molted and very quickly became unusable.

Modern print on fabric

Since the 70s, clothing printing has become a popular way of advertising products. This method was also used to promote Coca-Cola and Mickey Mouse products. In the 90s, the service of applying logos and elements of corporate identity on clothing for advertising campaigns became popular.

Today, silk screen printing on t-shirts and other printing methods are used everywhere. Such a service is especially popular among young people: with the help of printing, you can come up with a completely unique image. Prints on sweatshirts, t-shirts and other clothes allow you to tell others about the preferences of the owner. You can put on the fabric an image of your idol, a playful inscription and much more. Precisely because this method of creating an exclusive image allows you to implement any idea with virtually no restrictions for imagination and at low financial cost, it has been and will be relevant at all times.